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Design for Humans, Results for Business

Market disruptors start with a strong UX built on a foundation of sound logic, analysis of emotion and cognition, and a spirit of invention. We apply this philosophy to a variety of products and industries to turn customer insights into one-of-a-kind products that set our clients apart from the competition and increase customer retention for greater ROI. Our quality is unmatched with solutions that are as unique as your business.

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Icon Error Prevention

Error Prevention & Efficiencies for Mission Critical Products

Icon Safe and accessible

Safe, Seamless & Accessible Solutions

Icon create experiences

Create Experiences that your Customers will Love

Icon Harness the power of emotions

Harness the Power of Your Customers’ Emotions

Icon Safe and accessible

Safe, Seamless & Accessible solutions

Products that operate within extreme environments, where mistakes are costly and safety is crucial, require unique considerations. We understand complex problems are riddled with constraints and technical limitations. Our capabilities in usability, ergonomics, regulatory compliance, and accessibility allow us to deliver intuitive solutions grounded in efficiency, safety, and error prevention. Even when dealing with emerging technologies and the most stressful environments across healthcare, government, automotive, security and enterprise, we are trusted to deliver.

At UEGroup, we don’t think outside the box. We break it and build a better one based on your business goals and technical constraints. As experts in optimization and product ecosystems, we create single interaction models and tailored data visualizations to streamline complex workflows for increased efficiency, reduce training, and improve information comprehension.

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Nuvasive Line

We combined 5 inter-operative spine surgery products into a single integrated platform to create more efficient spine surgeries and a tailored experience for everyone in the operating room.

Icon Harness the power of emotions

Harness the Power of Your Customers' Emotions

Visualizing the end-to-end journey of your customers is difficult without first taking a deep dive into the emotional factors governing their decisions. Actions are important, but they are only half the battle. Understanding customer emotions provides deeper context to why your customers behave in certain ways and is the key to developing better products, increasing brand loyalty, optimizing your messaging, reducing abandonment, and promoting impactful change.

At first glance, these insights might seem difficult to quantify. With our patented emotion technology, that's no longer the case. The ability to visualize the emotional customer journey and make better decisions at key moments is always right at your fingertips. In our usability lab, online, and in the field.

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There is a Smarter Way Forward

Customer Experience is about more than just customers – it helps you understand and strategically react to your market and competition too. At UEGroup, we embed directly within your team to learn the intricacies of your business and create tailor-made solutions to help meet your goals. We don’t replace your internal team, we enhance it.

The ways we do it

  • Insights Partner delivering key findings on the questions you have now
  • Solutions Partner acting as a single vendor for a variety of research methods and design
  • Integrated Partner augmenting your internal team for greater bandwidth
  • Growth Partner delivering expertise to help you build and develop your in-house CX team
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Our single framework design allows multiple user roles to work simultaneously, track activity across their system, and easily resolve issues.

Experience Matters

Level Up Your Business by Investing in CX The UEG Way

Identify New Markets
& User Opportunities

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to establish leadership within your current market or trying to break into new areas – understanding the competitive landscape is vital to your continued success. By identifying unmet customer needs and exploring new, often unconventional, development opportunities, you can create innovative products that stand out from your competitors and fit your target market’s needs.

Turn Insights into Actions

By partnering with UEGroup on your early testing, you can quickly validate ideas, identify opportunities, and ensure that you are focusing your energy (and budget) in the right place. Want expertise on how to convert insights into design solutions? We can help with that too.

Experience Matters


Analyze The Current
Competitive Landscape

Understand Your Current Positioning

Create Solutions That Differentiate Your Brand & Disrupt The Market

Design, Develop & Launch Profitable Products

Identify Market Gaps & Low Hanging Fruit

Product Development

Products that disrupt the market, challenge the status quo, and establish brand leadership aren’t created in a vacuum – breakthrough success starts with emotion-backed customer insights and a holistic view of customer interactions. Observing how and where users interact with your products does more than highlight user behavior. It also saves money by ensuring that the final product is ready to meet your customers’ needs upon launch because it's been driven by the voice of your customer from the beginning.

Insights to Innovation

Insights are great, but without properly integrating them into a solution they mean nothing. Our human-centered approach turns voice of customer insights into better design solutions that help you retain customers and puts you on the path towards increased profitability.

  • Get it right at launch and avoid costly modifications
  • Rapid iteration cycles throughout early development
  • Create intuitive products with minimal inputs/outputs
  • Provide cohesive experience across all touchpoints
  • Increase product adoption & convert new users

Take Your Existing Products to New Heights

The customer journey is a never-ending process, and businesses that remain stagnant will get swallowed by the market. Long-term profitability requires continual product updates and improvements. With the right CX partner, you can maintain usability and scale with confidence, resulting in increased product adoption and customer retention.

Reduce Ongoing Support Costs

Reduce Ongoing Support Costs

Boost Efficiency and Ease-of-use

Increase Market Share

Identify Untapped Opportunities

Generate and Convert Leads

Grow Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Optimize Expected ROI

and More

Extract Maximum Value From Your Products.

Update and improve your existing products with UEGroup today.

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