In a world of business commitments, organizational issues, time to market pressures, technical dependencies and unclear project requirements, we focus on becoming the solution, not another facet of the problem, by adding value where you need it most.

Unlike some user experience agencies, we are a mature organization that has been relied on to produce mission-critical results time and time again. As a small user experience agency, we approach every project as if it were our own, applying the care and quality that it takes to match our own expectations.

That care manifests itself in the importance we put on the flexibility, cooperation and organization we provide our clients. Learn more about how we think on this site and then talk to us. A senior staff member of UEGroup will be happy to talk to you about your particular needs.


UEGroup prides itself on maintaining a high degree of transparency and flexibility when it comes to our clients.

As an outside agency, our job is to add value but not overstep our bounds and become another problem to be managed. UEGroup has the maturity and experience to be a purely positive addition to your organization.

As a full-service user experience agency, we are able to deal with unforeseen project needs. If your needs grow to include strategy, branding, development, design, research, or the need to have us drive major decisions, you can count on us to make it happen.

Assigning a project manager to make sure you are getting what you need

Building feedback cycles and milestones into the project

A willingness to engage directly with all levels of your organization

Providing wireframes and sketches of direction as we create them

observers during research


UEGroup prides itself on maintaining a high degree of transparency and flexibility when it comes to our clients.

Because we are used to working with emerging technologies, rapid development cycles, and highly competitive markets, we know that things don’t always go according to plan.

We understand that getting a product to market is not a straight line and adjustments need to be made.
As a true partner, we adjust accordingly to ensure that we are working on what will be most effective for your product and business.

Some user experience agencies use these natural changes as an excuse to “nickel and dime” their clients through change orders. If possible, we work within the scope of the project to find other ways to get the job done without having to alter the cost and timeline.

Project Management

When you work with UEGroup, you will be assigned a project manager whose job is to keep the project on track and to ensure that you are getting the information you need.

Project Management
is all about
Planning out
the project
a timeline
and then
sticking to it
Having an assigned
project manager helps
Reduce risk
Keep stakeholders
Ensure that technical
and user requirements
are factored in

We prefer to work using Agile methods but can accommodate other traditional project management approaches as well. If you have an internal project manager, we will be happy to work with them.

We pride ourselves on providing the human touch throughout the project experience. The way we look at it is...


Our approach to research involves bringing the user’s voice into the process early and often without over-burdening the entire process.

We do this by focusing on the product and business goal rather than the research tool used. That allows us to “right-size” the research as part of the overall process of making your product a success.

Some of the research tools we employ in our user experience agency include:

Usability Testing
Heuristic Evaluations
Focus Groups
Card Sorting
Lo-fi and Hi-fi Prototyping
Group Ideation
Web Metric Analysis

At times, time to market requirements do not allow for meaningful research to be conducted. In those cases, you will still benefit from our experience of interacting with users across a broad set of domains and product areas.


We’re different. We don’t believe that in order for an application to be powerful and perform well that it needs to be ugly and unusable. In order to be successful, modern technology needs to instill a feeling of refinement, quality, and ease of use.

Our user-centered product development and design process combines technical expertise with visual artistry and solid information architecture to produce highly usable, engaging, and marketable products.
Our coding work is based on industry standard technologies such as

Areas of core competency include web, desktop, mobile apps, and physical interactive experiences. Emphasis is also put on project management, source code control, release management, and QA. We prefer to work using an Agile process which allows projects to stay on track while also keeping our clients informed and in control.


Our user experience agency embraces the idea that constraints inspire creativity, lending itself to both mission critical work and inclusive design. That’s why our design philosophy revolves around listening: Listening to our clients, their customers, and our experience. We then take that knowledge and fashion it into a design that provides strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Ideally we will work with you using our agile user-centered iterative process that has yielded product design success from eCommerce to Enterprise apps to mobile user interfaces to breakthrough medical devices. However, we are ready to work with you in whatever capacity you desire.

Our ideal design process consists of:

end-user and
technical requirements
Interacting directly with the end-user
Using an iterative cycle of usability testing to refine the initial direction
Generating initial design concepts that includes the flow and look
Delivering final production art library
Creating lo-fi interactive mockups for team feedback
Creating a hi-fi mockup for stakeholder feedback and final testing
Creating UX style guide
a final usability test
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