Chief Instigator
Founder of UEGroup and a usability expert with more than 25 years of UX strategy, research and design experience. Prior to founding UEGroup, Tony founded Netscape's User Experience Group, the Apple/Claris Human Interface Group and organizations at Lotus/IBM and Xerox PARC. He also launched various web and software ventures. Tony speaks regularly and is the author of the book “Global Interface Design”.
Merry-go-round operator
A project and operations manager who manages UEGroup’s relationship with its clients. Her background in Business Management allows her to keep a focus on what is most important to our client’s business. Kathy’s past experience includes positions in the financial services industry, where she developed Quality Improvement Systems.
A senior UX researcher with a background in market research. Sarah brings business and marketing savvy to the research she takes on and her unique perspective has profited companies such as Disney Interactive Labs, Dell Computer, Stryker, Intel and DirectTV. Sarah is experienced with onscreen, device, medical, enterprise and consumer usability and has spoken on Practical UX Methodologies, Incorporating Kids into UX Methodologies and Measuring Emotion at conferences such as TVX, UXPA and CHI.
Designer of 
All Trades
A multidisciplinary designer with a passion for problem solving in both industrial design as well as digital experience domains. Ashley’s problem-solving approach to design allows her to create easy to use and visually communicative solutions centered around user’s concerns, values, and behaviors across multiple platforms and industries. Her work has spanned product design, interaction design, and graphic design for such brands as, Intel, Boston Scientific and more.
Interactive, web, game and mobile developer able to create engaging experiences across multiple industries and platforms. His expertise includes XAML and HTML5. His work includes a diverse set of projects from Hollywood movie premier experiences, new product launches, interactive advertising, education, and consumer/ enterprise products. His client experience includes AOL, Motorola, and Boston Scientific.
Digital Beautician
An innovative visual designer with over 15 years of experience in graphic design and digital experiences. Cygny has a passion for exploring new types of visual presentations and product concepts. Her talent, forged in her illustration and photography background, allows her to blend artistic beauty with product design, to achieve emotional reactions that attract and engage technology users. Her expertise includes information visualization.
Bit Wrangler
A Stanford trained engineer with two decades of experience developing software, Christopher believes customer happiness is a logical consequence of a well-documented code. His track record of successful commercial products includes desktop applications, client/server software, embedded solutions, web services, browser add-ons and mobile apps.
Cognitive Genie
Megan is a multifaceted UX researcher with a background in Cognitive Science. She brings a deep understanding of behavioral psychology to her work, which allows her to empathize with players on both sides of a product: the users and the developers. This combined with her inquisitive and highly observational nature makes her a well-rounded researcher. Megan has spoken at CHI, and has been published in ACM-SIGCHI. Her research experience includes usability testing for websites, software, and hardware; interceptive interviews; kid testing; and OOBE testing.
Intuitive Guru
Annie is a UX Designer with a background in Bioengineering: Cognitive/Perceptual Assistive Technology. With a passion for helping people and creating intuitive workflows, Annie designs with all users in mind. Knowledge of engineering, design and research allow her to approach problems from unique perspectives. Her recent work includes applications for cognitively impaired and handicapped individuals.
Blair is an interaction designer with a computer science background. Her work includes web and mobile experiences for enterprise, consumer and healthcare experiences. Blair’s work often focusses on overall systems-level problems that allows scalable UX frameworks to emerge. Her protyping skills include the use of products such as Axure.
Code Stalker
A software developer with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Scott is responsible for turning big-dream ideas into real-world applications. His expertise includes mobile apps, web app front ends, and large backend integration challenges. He developed his broad range of hardware and software expertise as a Principal Engineer at Intel in a prior life.
Dot Connector
Alyce is a senior designer and researcher with over 15 years of design experience. Her ability to do both design and research allows her to participate in the entire lifecycle of the Design Thinking process and provide unique insights at all phases. Her previous roles include UX Manager at Stryker Medical. Alyce has worked on a diverse set of projects which span the medical field to cyber security.
Danielle is an energetic and industrious team player with a love for all things marketing. Her dedication to educating and engaging customers about UEGroup and the many services we offer ensures meaningful and unique client experiences. Danielle sparks positive interest and reaction in various industries by exercising both outbound and inbound marketing efforts.
Interaction Butterfly
As a fellow graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, studying Product Design, Amy has a diverse set of design skills and principles under her belt. She loves bringing concepts to life through her rapid prototyping skills and is passionate about creating tantalizing interactions. Amy is a well-rounded designer with strong experience across a range of industries and is motivated by interesting and complex business problems. Her experience ranges from designing a console app for underwater drones to a customer-facing maternity app for Johnson & Johnson.
Mind Hunter
Having recently finished writing her PhD thesis on Gestures and Embodied Cognition, Ingrid comes from a cross functional background in design and communication. Her passion is understanding how people interact with objects and each other and how this drives their communication patterns. Ingrid enjoys finding and using the best research methodology to achieve the desired outcome. Fluent in Spanish, English, French and Catalan and with an Intermediate understanding
of German and Dutch.
Curious Inquirer
Helena is a usability researcher with a background in Engineering and Human Factors. Her areas of specialty include consumer hardware and mobile technology. Helena is well versed both in research techniques such as usability testing and task analysis as well as design skills such as prototyping and wireframing. She speaks English, French, and Dutch.
Experience Advocate
Elisabeth is a UX researcher with an engineering and human factors background. She is dedicated to understanding users’ goals, motivations, capabilities, and limitations that allow her to improve human-system interactions at each stage of the design process. Elisabeth’s experience spans various research methodologies and industries, but she specializes in usability testing on mobile and desktop application and software.
Neil Ranada
Productivity Hound
Neil is a UX analyst who manages and contributes to UEGroup's diverse portfolio of projects. He has over 10 years of experience as a former U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and program manager. He appreciates the value of great design for completing tasks efficiently, such as those in office apps for running an organization or tasks beyond the edges of a screen, especially in more dynamic and high-risk environments such as an aircraft. His recent project work contributed to applications and design systems in the aviation and medical fields.
Life Coach
Tucker is a consummate professional in the canine arts with an advanced degree is Back Scratching from Whatsamattawith U. His keen observational senses allow him to participate in critical design and research meetings while in a deep meditative state. Career highs include the discovery of a 6 month old chew toy behind the conference room table and the extraction of a squeaker from an indestructible toy. He prefers to telecommute on days when visiting guests would prefer to not have a dog present in the office.
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